Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Shoes n Stuff

So yesterday i also got the new Vibram five fingers which are the best athletic shoe EVAR. i friggen love them. An now also today my friend is challenging me to do the TTT the Tim Tang Test which is the hardest tests EVAR and is so hard. I challenge any one who reades this to go try it heres a link it is so freakin hard.


So today i thought i had strep throught i have been pergressivly becom more and more sick with sinus and throught issues. so today my dad and i went to the clinic to find out whats wrong with me . TURNS OUT ITS ONLY A SINUS INFECTION :D so i was really relieved but then i got all these HUGE meds to take and i was like O.o But oh well i hope i become well soon times because well being sick sucks. AND I THINK I AM GETTING MY NEW CAMERA THIS WEEK END :)